Healthcare organizations need to have a clear vision of the goals of their telehealth infrastructure as they grow. A successful telehealth system must be available where care happens and must have flexible components that easily integrate with existing technology, maintaining proper patient data security and scalable to accommodate an increasing amount of data and technologic components. It is necessary for Healthcare Provider to build out a telehealth program and telehealth infrastructure with seamless integration of six essentials components:

  • Hardware: Medical Carts classified as medical grade (EN/IEC 60601-1 certified), medical tablets, bedside terminals and personal devices
  • Software: EHR Integration, HIPAA Compliant, Encryption Security, Analytics, Electronic Prescriptions, Reimbursement Documentation
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IoT (Internet of Thing)
  • Scalable Design
  • Patient Data and Security

Advantech's telehealth solution is built to connect hospitals, care facilities, and community clinics in order to integrate medical resources and provide a zero-distance care network that can respond to remote patients in real time.

Advantech Telehealth Solution - An Easy Button for Telehealth

AMiS-22 and AMiS-72 meet all six essential components to deploy a successful telehealth infrastructure.

  • Ease of deployment
  • Easy procurement
  • Standardization: 1 platform for all Telemed use-cases
  • Complete, integrated and bundled solutions
  • Easy to integrate with EHR / PAS / PACS / Scheduling Systems
  • Quick training and ramp-up



AMiS-22 portable telehealth kit mainly supports telehealth application environment and clinical consultation, including emergency ambulance, community tele consultation, military/marine/airforce, prison, remote hospital sites, cruise ships, resort, home visit, work injury first aid, sports injury first aid consultation

Telehealth Module

First Layer Telehealth Suitcase

  • AIM-058 medical grade tablet, 10.1"
  • Support LTE / Wifi for remote consultation.
  • Low-capacity battery design, easy to carry on board
  • Fully ruggedized design, gorilla glas
  • IP65 waer and dust protection
  • Hot swappable smart battery
  • IEC60601-1 certified

Conference communication speaker and omnidirectional microphone Supports high quality video conferencing system, stereo HD voiceConnect per USB or Bluetooth t mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices

image_desktop (2)

Horus Multiscope

ISecond Layer Telehealth Suitcase

  • Wireless keyboard (writing / typing)
  • Wireless Horus Digital Diagnostic Set
  • Opthalmoscope, Otoscope, Dermoscope, Laryngoscope

Design with a digital handheld lens set, the lens can be replaced according to the needs to obtain fundus, external ear guide and tympanic membrane, epidermis and true skin photos, not only can be widely used in hospitals, clinics and medical care stations.


Electronic ear thermometer, card reader, electric stethoscop, ophthalmology measurement kit

Solution Architecture Design - AMiS 22


AMiS-72 Telehealth Cart is a highly integrated communication platform and power cart solution for telehealth applications.

The AMiS-72 Telehealth Cart bundled with VSee Messenger for Peripheral Streaming

  • PC OS : Windows/ Mac OS
  • Mobile OS : iOS, Android (no remote control for the PTZ camera)
  • An all-in-one touch computer with Intel Core i CPU for high performance
  • Battery software manager: Battery capacity indicator, alerts, battery life cycle statics and report / log files
  • IPX1 rated for superior infection control


  • 16 KHz audio sampling, Software acoustical echo cancellation
  • Special digital stethoscope audio mode
  • Automatic audio over video priority during network congestion
  • An easy-to-use digital handheld diagnostic set used for capturing images and sharing images


  • PTX camera with 18x total zoom and Full HD 1080p 60 fps resolution
  • HIPAA Comliant Video Conferencing
  • Can send up to 4 camera feeds at the same time for sharing medical peripheral cameras such as otoscope
  • Low required upload/download speeds at ~200kbps, 500 kbps recommended
  • Network sensing streaming protocol optimized for 3G, Wifi, satellite and congested networks
  • Far-end pan, tilt, zoom camera control
  • Audio and video lip synchronization based on Dr. Milton Chen’s Stanford PhD research
  • Remote PTZ Camera Control, Peripheral streaming (e.g. otoscope, EKG, …, Group Video

Instant Message / Text Chat

  • Send private and group IM
  • Drag-and-drop picture sending

Screen and Desktop Share

  • Real-time screen sharing
  • One-click on any application window to privately share that application only
  • Live annotation/drawing on any shared application
  • Share multiple desktop screens & select a smaller region of the desktop to share


  • Encrypted using 256-bit AES
  • HIPAA Compliant (with signed BAA)


  • Record audio and video and save on the desktop
  • Cloud recording available for VSee Clinic

AMiS-72 Telehealth cart

  • A complete integrated and bundled solution
  • An easy to integrate with EHR/PAC/Scheduling Systems
  • A standardized one platform for all telemed use-cases
  • Designed for ease of deployment
  • Enables staff through allowing quick skill transfer
  • Easy procurement

Solution Architecture Design - AMiS 72


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