Medication Tracking System

Advantech’s intelligent medication solution, knows as medTRx, enables every hospital to achieve closed-loop medication administration (CLMA). The medTRx solution compromises two medical carts, one dispensing cabinet and a medication management system. Integrated with RFID-based tracking technology, medTRx provides a hospital-wide interface for medicine/patient information exchanges, streamlining medication inventory and dispensing, as well as bin exchanges at hospital pharmacies, nursing stations and patient wards. By utilising RFID technology and an individual bin locking mechanism, the solution reduces errors and ensures secure medication exchanges during the dispensing process. Moreover, to support all existing medication management processes and ensure the correct medication is provided to the correct patient, Advantech’s intelligent medication dispensing solution is compatible with centralised, decentralised and hybrid medication distribution models.


RFID-based medication bins with individual locking mechanism.

Supports centralised, decentralised and hybrid medication management.

Medication API and demo program can be integrated with EMR’s.

Offers secure access and control of all medications.

According to the HIMSS Analytics’ Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), technology-enabled medication dispensing is a key Stage 6 requirement for enabling the adoption and utilisation of electronic medical records (EMRs) in hospitals. Advantech’s intelligent medication administration solution streamlines medication inventory and dispensing at hospital pharmacies, nursing stations and patient wards.

There are Three Models of MedTRx

MedTRx – Lite
  • Default application to manage the medication box and cabinets.
  • Built-in Lite control software for the AMiS cart touchscreen user interface.
MedTRx – BaSiC Integrated Workflow
  • Basic client and server structure supports management of multiple devices.
  • Users can electronically assign bins using the computer keyboard to input data.
  • Streamlines the medication administration workflow and reduces medication errors.
MedTRx – Pro Software solution
  • Fully integrated with Hospital information system.
  • Enables HL7 integration and utilises the ADT feed to link real-time patient information to individual bins.
  • Supports nurse work shift durations.
  • All-in-one solution for hospital CLMA management.


AMiS-810 RFID-Based Medication Bin Setting Station
The RFID-based medication bin setting station uses RFID scanning to match each medication bin with the correct medication and patient for automated medication bin management. With this station, RFID tags are encoded with the patient ID and medication information and then affixed to a specific medication bin for subsequent administration.
AMiS-830 General UD-Cart (unit dose)
A computerised unit dose (UD) cart with integrated touch computer and barcode reader is used to transfer RFID-tagged medication bins from the pharmacy to the nursing station or patient wards. The interchangeable design of the electronic medication boxes allows them to be easily exchanged at the pharmacy, saving time.
AMiS-850 Intelligent Medication Cart
Equipped with an electronic medication box, the AMiS-850 cart is ideal for patient medication administration in hospital wards. With the individual bin locking mechanism, nurses can use the barcode reader to scan patient wristbands and unlock the correct medication bin for increased medication control and safety. This cart optimises patient care by providing a mobile point-of-care workstation seamlessly integrated with a first-class medication cart.
AMiS-870 Automated Dispensing Cabinet
The AMiS-870 automated dispensing cabinet improves medication management by capturing medication data to streamline dispensing and reduce inventory holding costs. By enabling inventory tracking and automated data collection, this cabinet offers clinicians enhanced control over the medication dispensing process while freeing up more time for patient care.


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